Thursday, March 20, 2014

For Sale, my dream home

I don't know if you have happened to see the buzz that Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are selling their Cali estate, but when I see something trending on Facebook, I click it. (Ugh, they really have gotten me with this whole trending thing.)

I immediately fell in love with this house. Holy mother... This house is UNREAL. I died and went to heaven just a little bit. It's rustic but modern and oh so elegant. I think I might need it.. I better start saving so I can afford it at $50 MILLION.

I hope you enjoy drooling over this gorgeousness today.

View more of this amazing home over at Architectural Digest, and thank me later.


  1. Wow! That house is definitely a dream come true! Just look at the exterior, it can leave you drooling already! Not to mention the oh-so elegant interior design. I think, you better start saving money now, Amanda. Haha! :))

    Marjorie McKay

  2. Seeing your dream house in real life is exciting, because it means that it is possible to get all the things you've always wanted. The only problem now is the house’s price. But don’t be disheartened -- there are still a lot of properties out there. And who knows, a similar house like this might just open up in the market, with a more affordable price.

    Arlene Keller @ Scott Sauer RE/MAX Action Realty

  3. Whoever bid on this house is truly a lucky one! It reminds me of the old English mansions that I saw in the UK. So, how things are doing? Are there new owners now? Keep us updated!

    Terry Kennedy @ Deadwood Real Estate Center