Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Half Bath Happiness

It may seem quite silly, but when I found out I had a half bath I was ecstatic. The possibilities with a half bath are endless and allow for a bit more crazy than the rest of your house. So my thoughts went to wallpaper. I know wallpaper has a bad rep, but it also has some of the most amazing colors, patterns and textures that I just go crazy for. Plus it allows you to have the wallpaper in small doses without going overboard or being scared to use it in a huge room. It may even allow me to introduce wallpaper in another room, as perhaps an accent wall? Let the creative juices flow y'all!

Here are some of my favorite Pinterest inspired bathrooms using wallpaper and you'll see why I'm crazy about it!
Modern and glamorous via Donna Piskun Design

Vibrant and fun via Martha O'hara Designs

Map of Paris... Yes please! via La Dolce Vita

Love this Allen Roth wallpaper (available at Lowe's!) via Design Stiles

Some beautiful perroquets! via Ab Chao

Seriously love this bold power room via Natalie Coleman Interior Design

Beautiful and metallic wallpaper, seriously love! via Zillow

Would love this hopping Zebra wallpaper via Atticmag

Gorgeous black and white via Georgica Pond

So what are your thoughts on wallpaper now that you've seen my inspiration? I have something up my sleeve for our guest bath and on a budget and I can't wait to share more details!



  1. I really, really love these. I am so jealous. Your home is going to be beautiful. I love the brick entryway and the dark hardwoods. Congrats pretty girl.

    1. Thanks sweet girl!! I'm glad to have you along for my next journey! ;)

  2. I love wallpaper too! My mom has beautiful purple and gold wall paper in her bathroom. You're right about it being a small spot to have fun. We'll have much to talk about tonight :-)