Wednesday, February 12, 2014

And the curtains parted


Y'all!!! We have curtains!! I can't tell you how excited I am to have privacy in our living room finally, but more importantly, I'm excited to have a fun and beautiful fabric to brighten up our town home! A big thanks to my Mom who sewed these babies herself. She did quite the beautiful job and we are lucky to have such a handy lady in our life to help with these projects. She said it was quite easy, but I doubt I could've done it! We used 6 yards of fabric and got 96 inch curtains out of it. They match up really nicely don't they?

I also have to thank Premier Fabrics of Raleigh for the beautiful fabric! Not only was it an amazing price ($63 for 6 yards of fabric!!!!! You can't even buy ONE panel of curtains at Pottery Barn for that price!). The fabric is beautiful and sturdy and the bold patterns that they have really suite my style. There will be more recaps of some beautiful fabrics we purchased for other projects around the house too from Premier Fabrics. For more photos of their fabric, check out my previous post.

We added the bamboo screen under neath the curtains to help add a bit more privacy so that we don't always have to touch the curtains and move them. I think it also adds a bit of an earthy feel to the living room. I'm so happy with the curtains and I really love the pop of color. Anyone who knows me also knows that I love orange so naturally that was the fabric I gravitated to. What do you guys think of the new curtains?!
Can't wait to show these bad boys off in real life to everyone but in the mean time, check out Premier Fabrics on Facebook and Instagram. Love to hear your thoughts, and know that we are still working on making this place home, but progress is progress and having curtains I think is GREAT progress!! They really help a room feel more complete and less naked.



  1. I love your curtains! I wish my mama could sew!! It looks fabulous! I will definitely check out Premier fabric soon! Our contractor is going to start on our house next week - removing wallpaper, painting, and we are shopping for best prices for granite countertops! Basically bringing it from the 80s to the year 2014 I'm so excited!!! :-)