Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Exterior Inspiration

I changed it up on you, did you see that?! Well, the on and off again warm weather here in Raleigh has been joyous. I'm talking when it's been 65 to 80 degrees and sunny not the 42 and cold. BUT when it is warm it makes me excited for all the time we will spend outdoors grilling (with our new grill!!!), socializing, beers, reading and just pure relaxation in the sunshine. We have a tiny patio in the back which I can make do with but we're lacking a bit of privacy and storage, so today's exterior inspiration is a neat way to get storage and privacy! I think it's rather nifty, a little too large scale for our backyard but it's inspiration nonetheless! I hope you all get to enjoy your weekend, it's supposed to be 65! Yay!!

xoxo, Amanda

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