Thursday, March 13, 2014

SJP has my heart, but more if she liked orange

If you haven't had the chance, of course you need to see SJP's interview with Vogue and her seriously amazing brownstone. Leaves me wishing I lived in that beautiful city, even if it's freezing there today.

In the mean time, I'm getting very giddy about the pop-up shop over at Furbish today with original paintings by Teil Duncan. Here's a peak of what's live at 10am/est. Y'all snatch you one if you can. I'll be shopping a look today, but I'm going to need to start re-evaluating where to put some art in our new place. 
Hope you have an inspiring day!

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  1. Yes! I bought a small painting of Teil's that day and it's supposed to arrive today - I cannot wait! I had the chance to meet her in Charleston when we met Lulie Wallace - they're both so sweet. I'm excited to see her new beach series that debuts next month, I believe!