Monday, March 10, 2014

DIY Easter Wreath

I apologize for being MIA the past week. Between our house warming party and getting sick I had no energy for other things. But it was a beautiful weekend and I had to finally get out of the house yesterday so I romped on over to the Dollar Store (always Dollar Store, not General, etc. I learned my lesson), and picked up 4 bags of 18 plastic eggs and a bag of Easter basket grass for a whopping $5.00. I happened to have an 18" wreath outline lying around that I used and a hot glue gun already so I crafted myself an Easter wreath! Woo!
The project was super easy and it spruces up the front door, which I'm excited about because I've been hunting for a wreath for a while and couldn't find one. Now I have a holiday as an excuse.

I found the idea off Pinterest of course, but also had seen a lot of wreaths similar at Michaels, Target, etc. but figured I could make one just as easy. Although I did burn myself on the glue, I'm happy with the finished product. If you need a tutorial, here you go. Happy crafting!


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