Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dining Room Progress

I'm back y'all, sorry for the hiatus, I truly missed you all!!

So! As you might have remembered I purchased a bamboo/rattan dining set off Craigslist when we bought the house and I had big ideas on changing it for my own personal style and taking advantage of only paying $85 for a table to fit our space. My mom and I tackled the project of spray painting the table one weekend. Turns out you need a decent amount of spray paint for a table and four chairs, so stock up.. We ended up taking 3 trips to Lowe's.. whoops!

To spray paint any item really, you'll want to start out by sanding down all the rough spots on the chairs and paying close attention to where there is a lot of wear and tear or you know there is a lot of use (like the top of the chair). After sanding down the chairs it's best to wipe them down with some type of cleaner with alcohol in it to take off any extra dirt or residue and allow to dry. Then you'll spray paint the first layer in slow smooth strokes, allow to dry, and then paint the next coat.
Almost after!

All in all, it took about 8 cans of black lacquer spray paint to get these beauties up to par. The paint can definitely add up and give you quite the arm workout but they came out fabulous! I really love the shiny black. You may also remember I showed you how to recover the cushions for our newly painted chairs, and here's the final resort. (Sidenote: I wish I was a better photographer.. hopefully soon!)

So here's how the dining room looks now! We also installed our beautiful ikat curtains, compliments of my favorite fabric store, Premier Fabrics. I LOVE how dramatic the fabric is and I think it's just fun and different! (Oh and again the fabric on the chairs is from Premier Fabrics as well!)
An up close of the curtains. Fun turquoise, orange and black ikat!
Right now we (I mean my mom) is in the process of redoing a new piece of furniture for the wall next to the fridge. It's going to be a buffet that has been lacquered in white. Then I'll probably put a lamp on either side(?), perhaps a mirror or a really cool piece of art over it as well. That will be determined later. Until I get the piece, this is what is currently there.. I know it's a bit of hodge podge but I figured I'd be honest and show you the before.

So one more time, here's our somewhat finished project! That light STILL has to go, but I think we have something up our sleeve for that. I had purchased a rug but I think I'm against the rug for the time being. Once the new piece of furniture is here maybe I'll have a better idea of whether a rug will work or not, but I'm not dying to have one anyway.

Hope you all liked the finished project!

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