Thursday, February 27, 2014

So Light It Up

I strongly dislike my dining area light. It's awkward, large, always lopsided, bumps everyone in the head, and isn't centered where I'd like it to be. In other words, it's just all wrong and I need a change.
Sorry the photos are AWFUL, but you get the idea. The hard part is finding a great light and on a budget. (I guess if you haven't picked up on it now, I like to get a big bang for a small buck!) I keep browsing the typical Ikea, Lowe's, and Home Depot but haven't been too thrilled about anything.

I do have a gift card to Pottery Barn so I started browsing all their companies and found that I kind of like the Dahlia Chandelier from Pottery Barn KIDS!

Here are a few more that I've fallen for via Pinterest but realistically cannot afford, so I'm all ears if someone has some good suggestions for affordable lighting. Although I love being a homeowner, wanting to change everything is quite expensive. I don't think I'm overly in a rush to find a light but I want to keep my eye out for the perfect light!
Babylon Gold Lead Pendant via Alexander and Pearl
Hedy Chandelier a cool $3,900 via Vielle and Frances
Bamboo Chandelier via Wildwood Lamps
Robert Abbey via Wayfair
 Chandelier via Lowe's
I can't find a decent picture of this light but it's available at Lowe's for $79 and we've seriously considered this light but I just can't fully commit to whether I like this one or not. What do you think of this light and the Pottery Barn light?? They're definitely in my budget... Love to hear your thoughts!

I also have a vintage crystal chandelier in my possession that I can't decide if it's the right move or not. It needs a lot of work too, like being professionally cleaned and probably some re-wiring so there will definitely be some work involved but it is pretty. It sort of resembles this photo below but it's not the exact photo. Sometimes there are just too many choices, am I right?! 
So those are my thoughts for now, and I'd love to hear your own or if you have any advice to this novice when it comes to choosing lighting fixtures.


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  1. I love the babylon gold leaf piece! of course it's way too much. Why don't you try having Nick hold up the vintage chandelier in the house? At least get a feel for it and then you can decide is it worth fixing up or would you rather go more modern. And you have to think about the dining room table...not sure if the vintage one would be a little overwhelming against the bamboo chairs.