Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bamboo you say?

When we finally moved in all of our furniture into the house I did not like our rectangle table we already had. It just looks awkward in the space and it's a little over sized for the area. It's also hard to get around the corner and it really needs a piece of furniture on the wall (on the left). Then the rectangle table doesn't allow the table to be centered under the light, which is annoying too.
(I'm selling this on craigslist so please ignore the terrible iPhone quality and the rug I just laid down to have a rug.. Eek, I promise it'll look better soon! And hopefully someone buys it ASAP!)

I knew immediately I wanted a round table, and have for some time now, wanted a round table. I don't know why they appeal to me, but they sure do! I know I don't have a budget for a brand new table because a table and chair combo is a crazy expense! (Think at least $100 per chair, plus a table). I purchased the rectangle table on Craiglist, so I began a new search on Craigslist... and as crazy as it sounds, I began searching for a bamboo styled table! I happened to find one exactly like what I was looking for for $85 for four chairs and the table, so I couldn't pass up the option. It looks like the below table.
I know it doesn't look like much and looks very old school, but just remember there's always possibility in rejuvenating older pieces of furniture! Here are some of the ideas I took away to give my table inspiration.
via Society Social
Johnathan Adler via Dream Design Live
I've already picked out my curtains and fabric for the cushions, which I'll follow up with soon. I know you're probably thinking I'm crazy for buying a table like this because it's not AS nice as the Chippendale chairs like some of the above images, but it's a start and I'm excited! We've decided on doing the chairs in a black lacquer so I'm quite excited to see how they turn out. I think they'll look quite fab and it'll be a fun update to a rather boring area of the house. Yippie!


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