Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Recovering Cushions

As you recall I have a project up my sleeve with a bamboo/rattan dining table set I bought of Craigslist. As with anything on Craigslist, I generally redo the cushions just so they're fresh for me and I can make them the way I like. This table is no exception, actually it's definitely a requirement because the cushions were a bit naaaastaaay.

After we picked our fabric for the dining room, I picked a fabric that coordinated with the curtains for the dining cushions. It just so happened that the fabric I liked best that matched, was an indoor/outdoor fabric, which means it's a lot easier to clean and keep neat, you can wipe it down with water, etc. Anywho, we decided that we wanted to keep the design similar to the other cushion, in which it was pleated around the sides. So what we did was 1) cut a circle in the fabric the width of the cushion 2) cut a long strip 3) pinch pleat and pin the fabric so that it's little folds all the way around the circle 4) sew with a sewing machine around the edge of the pleated fabric with the pins in 5) pull the pins out and place over cushion 6) staple those suckers down and VIOLA a new cushion!
Oh, we also added a bit of extra padding to make the cushions a bit more comfortable. You don't have to do this but since we didn't know where these cushions had been, it was a bit of an extra layer.

So now the cushions are done and I can't wait to put them on the chairs. We actually just spray painted the chairs this past weekend so I wanted to give them some time to settle before putting the cushions on them. What do you think? Now you can try this at home too!


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