Monday, February 17, 2014

Craigslist Barstools

I know I was complaining about finding bar stools in my last post, but that week I had been scouring Craigslist in hopes that I would find something acceptable to use as bar stools as we have officially announced our house warming party! (March 1st y'all!) The stools are decent and black, 30'' so a bit shorter than I wish we could find but they were $85 for FOUR bar stools. It actually turns out I really only needed 3 bar stools, but at least I have an extra just in case.
This is what the bar stool looked like when we first purchased them. We obviously knew we'd want to recover them so off to Premier Fabrics we went. I actually got hubs to come along with me this time so that we could consider fabric for the dining area too. He was not too excited to be at the fabric store so I let him have some decision in the fabric, mostly the bar stool fabric.
And this is what he chose. Record players in orange. At least it matches the curtains and it's a fun conversation piece! Hubs is a musician too, so at least it goes with his passion and we have created a small bar near the bar stools and counter so it's the man section of the room!
And viola! The finished product. Although, we desperately need to respray paint the stools, but it's been too cold to be able to do so, so that will come soon. Maybe this week now that all the snow is gone!

Rock on y'all.


  1. I love your fabric choice! How unique. I really need to check out your fabric store :)

    1. Thanks lady!! You should definitely check them out! Everything is between 10-12 dollars a yard, which is the most reasonable I've found in the area and plus it's all FUN fabric!!

  2. Amazing! I like the print you chose, which is really chic and edgy. The style of the bar stools are simple, which I think really fits the general aesthetic that you were aiming for. Add that to the fact that they're such a bargain, right? Haha! Anyway, good job in recovering them. All the best!

    Albert Andrews @ Pharaoh Manufacturing