Monday, February 3, 2014

Bar Stool Dilemma

I need some bar stools for the new place, and finding bar stools is a tough job. Number one, they're VERY expensive! Who knew?! Number two, my bar is higher than a usual bar, so I'm very nervous about a 30" bar stool, but that's the average. Major sad face. I'm thinking I'm just going to have to settle and get over it with 30" but I wish I could get lucky and find something taller.

Another obstacle, is that I'd rather find the bar stools on Craigslist than pay full price for them. Like I said, bar stools are super expensive, like at least over $100 EACH. That adds up quickly when you need 3-4 for a space. But if money wasn't an issue here are some bar stools I'd love to have!

via Domaine Home
via House Beautiful
via Fancy

So if anyone would like to donate to the bar stool fund you are welcome to, please and thank you. Until then, I will keep browsing Craigslist until something somewhat suitable comes up and will do the job.



  1. Did you check out the Target website? Probably not as stylish as those in the pictures, but cheaper than $100 a pop! :)

  2. Does anyone know where I can buy Kourtney's leather barstools from?

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