Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rome: Day 4

On our final full day in Rome we wanted to tour the Colosseum so we had booked a tour online and headed off to begin our tour. We really only did tours in Rome because I don't have much knowledge about Roman culture and its history is so in depth and ancient it's hard to grasp the reality of it sometimes! The tours tend to be decent, but usually lacking and really short. You learn a few facts and wham, it's over. I think if you can find some tours for a good price I'd look into them, or even look for apps and things that you can do on your own. I really loved the private tour we listened to at the Louvre and I'm sure there are things out there that I just did not look into.. next time though!!

This is actually the REAL name of the Colosseum, Amphitheater Flavim.
Then of course we had to get lunch after our tour. We found a little pizza shop off the beaten path and had wonderful pizza! Fresh buffalo mozzarella for me!!

After lunch we continued to the ancient ruins as our ticket from the Colosseum included free entry into the ruins of the Roman Forum and Palantine Hill. A lot of this was overwhelming for me, but it was neat to see the final resting place of Julius Cesare!

I also looked up Anthony Bourdain's recommendations again and was able to get gelato from one of the best gelaterias in Rome!! YAY! Gracchi! It was also close to our b&b!!

After an exhausting day of walking around Rome we headed back to our hotel to gather our thoughts and decide on dinner. Of course I start searching and searching the internet for a really unique meal for our last dinner in Europe. I came across a restaurant called Romeo that was near our hotel and we thought we'd walk by and see what we thought.

 Below is the most amazing proscuitto and FRESH buffalo mozzarella and they gave us complimentary FRESH ricotta that tasted like absolute HEAVEN.. OMG it was SO good!!
A classic Italian cocktail, the Negroni!
Amazing fresh pasta!!
Sausage stuffed calamari!! YUM!
We also realized we never had tiramisu in Rome so of course we ordered it, and this is what came out!! We made a video of how this bad boy opened but I can't find it, but let me just tell you, it was amazing!! It really did taste like tiramisu too, even if it doesn't look remotely like the cakey substance we're accustomed to here in the U.S. Ultimately, if you couldn't tell, I would HIGHLY recommend you visit Romeo if you're ever in Rome. Even though it looks fancy, it wasn't over priced and it was amazingly delicious!!

The next morning it was off to the airport to leave Europe and end our 2.5 week trip.. I was definitely sad to give up our relaxed lifestyle of eating when we wanted, drinking when we wanted (at every lunch!) and just doing what we wanted. It was also nice getting to spend every day with hubs. Although Rome really tested my patience with him, but it wasn't just him it was also Rome testing my patience.. As you can tell Rome was not my favorite city we visited. To be honest it was my least favorite city. It just didn't agree with me and I wouldn't be in a hurry to visit again. I knew I wasn't too found of going in the first place so I hate to think it was my preconceived notions, but it was just the lack of hospitality, the overwhelming amount of tourists and the overall amount of garbage and broken glass everywhere making the city dirty. I know people love Rome and I can see potential I really can, but it just didn't capture my heart. I really wish we had visited Florence instead, but we can save that for next time. We did get yummy pizza and gelato so that's a win in my book. But the pictures prove it is a beautiful city!!

I just can't wait to get back to Europe though. I want to explore France more, I'd like to visit Germany, England, Austria, Belgium, Greece.. the list goes on and on!! And hubs and I agree we'd go back to Venice in a heart beat! Of course we'd love to go back anywhere in France.. We still can't get over how much we loved it! We actually just bought a learn French CD too so hopefully we can brush up with the French visit Raleigh in September!!

What's your ideal Europe trip?! Where have you been that you'd recommend? Where do you want to go? I'd LOVE to know your thoughts!!

Hope you enjoyed #dillmanstakeeurope #dillmanstravel ;)


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  1. OMG. I think I need to eat at Romeo before I die. Sausage stuffed calamari?! Yes please!!! I'm so excited for our first trip to Europe this summer...but since we're traveling with others, the trip to Italy is more like relaxing vacation then sight seeing. I think for our second trip to Europe I want to focus on France, just Paris and the countryside...your experiences totally have me sold. There's so much of Europe to see!! so many places to go! but we're still in our 20s. Kids may slow us up but eventually there's retirement!