Friday, March 13, 2015

Rome: Day 2

On Day 2 we set out with no real plans of Rome. I really didn't put much planning into Rome since it wasn't high on my to-visit list so we just tended to wander around and decide to go places we were interested in. We did plan a tour of the Vatican on our third day by using our credit card points!! WOO! We also knew we'd want to save the Colosseum for our final day in Rome.


Since we were so close to the Castel Sant'Angelo, we were really intrigued. We also realized that it was the final scene in Angels and Demons where the intercept the bomb from Ewan McGregors employee and enter the tunnel that goes into the Vatican. Which is actually pretty true because the Castel was used for Vatican purposes. It was actually built between 123 and 129AD as a mausoleum for Emperor Hadrian. It later fell into Papel hands and became a fortress. It's now a museum and it was a really cool museum with GREAT views of Rome. It used to be the tallest building in Rome!

The Ponte Sant'Angelo bridge is made up of 10 different angels representing the different aspects of the Crucifixion of Christ. They were commissioned by Bernini.

Then I had to get gelato right?! I made it a point to get gelato practically ever day..

After gelato we set off for lunch and shopping because I desperately needed new shoes because my toes hurt so bad from all the walking through Europe. Since I had to throw some of my shoes away after playing golf in France.
I surprised myself because I couldn't find shoes I liked and I knew I wanted some kind of sneaker so I settled on a leopard van that I thought would be fun with black! Ha!
We got suckered into going into a museum dedicated to Leonardo DaVinci. Turns out it was more of a replica kids museum because you could touch and play with everything in the museum.. Ah you live you learn. Dillmans 0 - Rome 2.

Then we were able to make my hubby happy by watching one of the first NFL games of the year while in ROME.. Turns out we were NOT the only Americans that had the same idea. We met exchange students and even honeymooning couples!

After the game we heard great things about walking around Ancient Rome at night while it was lit up. It was beautiful, until we realized it was close to 11 and hubs mentioned that the metro might close early like it does in Boston.. but it couldn't right?! This is a huge tourist destination right?! OH BUT IT does close early..... Dillmans 0 - Rome 5, after we have to take a taxi from the train station which was further away than when we hopped on the first metro.. My thoughts of Rome were quickly dwindling.. Not to mention all the broken glass on the ground and pushy wait staff and pedestrians that come straight towards you on a sidewalk when no one is around... UGH! In the mean time, some pretty photos for your viewing pleasure.


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