Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Paris Photoshoot with L'amour de Paris

Before we went to Paris I had the idea that I really wanted to do a photo session by the Eiffel Tower. It just seemed like such a great idea and once in a lifetime experience and I knew traveling by ourselves would limit the amount of photos we would take as a couple. Hubby does not take photos and I do, so a lot of times it's photos of hubs and that's it. We probably should've invested in a selfie stick but really...

I started browsing for photographers and found Pictours Paris and Flytographer. Flytographer is a really neat idea because they do photo sessions all over the world in different cities, so if you're going on vacation somewhere other than Paris, I'd really consider looking them up! With that said, they both seem like great options and I sincerely thought about both of these mediums until I found the site L'amour de Paris and realized that Stacy Reeves is an ex-Pat living in Paris from Texas and does mini-Eiffel tower photo shoots!

I really loved the idea of using an American while in Paris for our photo shoot to make us feel more comfortable and to get her opinions on things to do and see in Paris. Her site is amazingly helpful as well. She has great tips on her site for a romantic trip to Paris including  restaurants, accommodations as well as tips for packing. I would recommend Stacy to anyone looking to have a photo session in Paris!! She was super easy to work with and her photos are incredible! Everyone thinks our photos are photo shopped because they look so incredible and the Eiffel Tower looks like a back drop, but I swear they're real!!
Obviously hubs and I decided to get dressed up for our photos. I knew I wanted to be a bit girly chic in the photos and why not dress up in one of the most stylish cities in the world? I opted for this pink Kate Spade number because I loved the silhouette and figured the color would really pop. I thought about just black and white but when I saw that dress online, I knew I had to pick it up for our photos and I'm so glad I did! Hubs wore his custom Indochino suit for the occasion. I love how the photos turned out. We ended up using one of the photos for our Christmas card through Minted and it was perfect because it had pink font! It was like the pink dress was meant to be! What do you think of the photos?! Stacy made us super relaxed and it was the best photo session hubs has done because Stacy helped direct you to pose too so it made it that much easier. Like I said, definitely check out L'amour de Paris if you're EVER going to Paris and want a keepsake that you cannot replace. It's something we can treasure forever. <3



  1. These are seriously perfection! The dress was a great choice!

  2. Clearly these are the best photos ever and I'm definitely copying you when I go to Paris. Happy you're blogging again! :-)

  3. you two are adorable! i love looking at these pictures over and over again!

  4. Gorgeous pictures & such a perfect idea!! Xo, Stephanie