Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Christmas in February?

I know I said I was back this fall, and I massively faltered with blogging then, but I really wanted to catch up and just take another look at what I want out of this blog. I realized that decorating my home would only last a little while and the summer really did not consist of much decorating so I just lost content to chat about. I realize that I just want to talk about everything and anything so this is just a bit about life in general with the Dillman family! 

I have decorated more since April, obviously, and we took a 3 week trip to Europe and I'd LOVE to chat more about travel because it's something I'm fiercely passionate about. I'd love to chat if you have any questions about traveling and tips that I may be able to offer.

So here's a little look at what Christmas was like here at the Dillman household. It was cute and fun and I was so excited to decorate our new home for Christmas for the first time. We purchased a live tree from the Farmers Market, which was gigantic but majestic!

I was completely obsessed with this Zebra wrapping paper from Target! It was so fun and then I bought the herringbone and candy cane to match. I'm so sad it's been a month since these beauties have been gone.. Until next Christmas..


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