Monday, February 16, 2015

Paris Day 2

On our second day in Paris we wandered over to Rue Cler to attempt to have breakfast. We were really proud while we were there to try not to offend the locals and try to communicate with what few French phrases we knew so when we wanted breakfast we sat down, but apparently we just said we wanted coffee so they took our plates and napkins away and we enjoyed a coffee... and then I made hubs let me stop for a pain au choclat, win win. Plus Rue Cler was so cute for pictures that morning.
After petit dejuner we decided let's just go to the Eiffel tower and go up! It was so beautiful so we took advantage. We decided to walk up to the first level because there was no line. (A little known secret, it's cheaper to walk up the 320 stairs to the first level and catch the elevator from there, so you can also avoid the line at the bottom!) Hubs is afraid of heights so walking was not his cup of tea because the stairs were metal grates with holes and you could feel the tower moving ever so slightly so we just stayed on the first level, but it allowed for amazing photos!
An absolute amazing fete of technology and ingenuity. I am still enamored at how amazing the Eiffel Tower really is. It really is everything and more. I would recommend anyone visit the Eiffel Tower and numerous times. Day and night. Next time I'd like to go up at night. I hear it's particularly stellar at sunset.. Next time. The good news was, every day we walked by the Eiffel Tower and I could not have been more happy about it! Again, thankful for our 7th Arrondissement flat!!
 We took the Bato Bus everywhere because the days were just to glorious not to be on the Seine and the price wasn't too unreasonable. It's effectively a taxi water service, so don't expect a tour while on the Bato Bus, but do expect to stop at all major attractions in Paris along the Seine and enjoy the beautiful scenery from the water and not the metro.
 Ponte de Arts - Lovelock Bridge
 Carrie <3's Big
 Cliche French lunch - French onion soup, Tuna Nicoise, Creme Brulee
 I adored how much activity was present on the Seine, everyone seemed to gather and eat, hang out and just enjoy life in the beautiful city. It was so glamorous!
 I could think of worse places to get married than Paris, but that's quite the dress to haul around.
 Cathedral de Notre Dame
After viewing the inside of the cathedral we decided to climb the 400 spiral stairs for what I think has to be one of the best rooftop views of Paris!

I mean really, how beautiful is this city?! So incredible!!!

After a long day of walking up a million steps, we ended the night with dinner at our host family to be for Compiegne. The family actually lives in Paris and ironically lived a few blocks away from where we were staying in the 7th. I wish I could've taken photos of how gorgeous their top floor apartment was, but that would have been embarrassing, but it was beautiful!! Definitely what you'd want to aspire to have in Paris. 3 bedrooms, balconies, and an eat in kitchen. Even better though, was the company. We truly loved the family we were able to spend time with in Compiegne. She would definitely be my mom away from home! We miss dear Guilhene and Jaq all the time, but more on them later.


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