Thursday, October 9, 2014


Y'ALL!!! I'm so sorry I disappeared off the face of this earth. I may have disappeared to Europe for a little while, the beach, and summer in general.... BUT! I am back and I realize I don't want to just talk about decorating, I want to talk about life with y'all too because I have a lot to share (no baby though).

Let me get my thoughts together for right now and hopefully I'll have a good post or 3 for next week to show you I'm still alive. In the meantime I can't explain how much I LOVE fall!! I love orange, if you haven't noticed, the crisp air, the cooler temperatures, warmer clothes, darker nights, and the leaves of course. I really just can't get enough of fall, especially in North Carolina. It's a dreamy time of year with wonderful activities and it's the one time of year I really do love living in NC. So I dressed up my front porch for the occasion!

 (make notice of the spider web in the window y'all ;))

I promise I'll be back real soon!

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