Monday, January 13, 2014

The Bones

I wanted to introduce you all to our new home! First of all, we weren't fully planning on buying a home yet. We really loved our two bedroom apartment and not owning anything if something went wrong, but as apartment prices rise in Raleigh, home ownership seemed more and more of a reality.

We've looked at some properties and locations for a while just for fun and knew where we wanted to be and knew that we probably wanted to start out with a town home because we weren't ready for the responsibility that comes with owning a yard and a stand alone house. We also knew we wanted something fairly new because we don't have a huge security blanket of funds in case something went wrong with an older home.

Our new home just kind of feel into place really. It's brand new, they literally finished it the week we moved in. It's super close to hub's work, and it close to our alma mater so that if need be, we could always rent it out! Plus it was in our price range and was going to be finished within the window of our lease at our apartment running out so no fees! Yay! We put a lot of thought into this purchase and although it was incredibly scary, but we did it!

So without further ado, here's our big baby:
WOO HOO! Officially movin' in y'all!! I'm obsessed with the brick work, what about you?!

Here is the floor plan. We have elevation C on the second floor and don't have the tub bath, we have the stand up shower which you will see in the photos below.

Here are a few photos I took before the house was finished! I just think it's fun to see some of the progress from when we went under contract. No stove yet, definitely no fridge yet, but we have a kitchen with beautiful granite counter tops and dark hard wood floors.. I'm in house heaven! 

Below we have real progress and our first floor layout.. You enter into a small foyer and the stairs are on the left and the dining area is on the right followed by the kitchen and living area. A pretty open living area as you might be able to tell and we love it.

Now let's get started on the second floor shall we?! First up is the master suite and shots of our two closets. The one in the bedroom is for hubs and there is a closet in the bathroom for moi.
(Hubs closet)
(my corner closet)

Well, it looks like I didn't take photos of the guest bedroom but it's a two bedroom, two and a half bath town home (half bath under the stairs), and the guest room has it's own bedroom and the laundry room is in between the master and guest. So that's pretty much the tour with nothing in it! Now you can let your imagination run wild with decorating ideas, I know I have! Can't wait to start the process with you all.


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