Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Adventures in Wallpapering

You guys probably remember my post about half baths two weeks ago and that I had something up my sleeve. After gathering some inspiration and browsing Lowe's one afternoon I came across some black and white damask wallpaper on clearance by Allen and Roth. It was marked down to $11.99 a roll so we grabbed four, went home and attempted my first time at wallpapering.

Here are the before pictures of the half-bath:

This mirror was not the original. After we selected the wallpaper we took our trip to Ikea and found the perfect mirror, called the Ung Drill mirror, for the half bath for $39! It's just the perfect touch now that the bathroom is done and the first mirror was too small and boring so I'm so happy with it!

So let's break down the price for the half bath shall we?
  • 4 rolls of wallpaper at $11.99 a roll = $48
  • Exact o knife, edger, wallpaper paste = $20 
Without including the new mirror, rug and towels (something I had to buy anyway), it was a pretty inexpensive upgrade to the new place! In terms of wallpaper, (and knowing how much you may need) one roll generally equals about three panel drops for a 9" ceiling height.

Wallpaper probably seems scary to most, but the process wasn't terrible. My mom has some skill when it comes to house hold projects so I enlisted her help for the weekend in applying my new wallpaper! Something to note, and we do not recommend others purchasing the same wallpaper, is because it was unpasted. It made the task a lot more difficult and the paste dried pretty quick so it was definitely a two person job, so grab a friend, prepasted wallpaper and get started y'all! It's really not as bad as it seems, I promise.

I don't want to waste this whole post with my how to hang wallpaper, so here's some easy to follow instructions from the DIY Network.

Here are some photos of the progress via my iPhone:

Messy, but fun at the same time. I know that's weird to say. All in all, the project did take about 8 hours in total over the weekend. It can be time consuming but you can easily finish it in a day, but like I said, enlisting someone to help you is a wonderful option and hopefully someone who's been there before. If not, no fear, I'm sure you'll be able to do it too!

Now the reveal shall we?!

We had to change the original lights we had when we bought the house because they were no fun, and we replaced them with these fun designed lights. I'm sorry the photo isn't great but I just wanted to share our new lights too! SO!! What do y'all think of the wallpaper?! Do you want to try it now for yourself?! I hope so! I think it's a great way to spruce things up! A big thanks to my mom for helping me in my first adventure in wallpapering and I look to continue my knowledge in home ownership.



  1. LOVE IT! It's so fun. I can wait to see it soon!

  2. Love love love it! I think bold prints in tiny spaces like that look so good!