Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dark Walled Master Bedroom

We've been in our home for over a year now and I just could never commit to a "master bedroom style". I wanted something that was masculine but feminine as well as bedding that could withstand Kit Cat's hair and her nightly cuddling with us. So I was really focusing away from white linens and I kept seeing dark walls and since there are no painted walls in our home, I felt like our master needed a paint job!

I was really drawn to navy blues at first..

I also kept coming across the photos of Chez V's master bedroom in a beautiful jewel toned turquoise that kept striking my fancy. So I kept exploring this sort of color for inspiration as well. I mean, how amazing is her bedroom? I love it!

One or two more photos of this sort of color for my inspiration:

I just knew a bold color was exactly what we needed in our bedroom, but I also needed great linens, curtains, furniture, etc.. The list is never ending, but surprisingly we made most of this happen in a weekend! 

Stay tuned for the results! What do you think about darker master bedrooms?


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